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Shayan Iconic Builders  are collaborating to build t the future trade hub, a modern and luxurious workplace for growing businesses in Karachi city, “ The Pacific Trade Towers.” A commercial high-rise offering shops and dream workplaces for start-ups and established companies. We offer offices of various categories e with many value-added facilities to meet your requirements and provide a comfortable place where you can focus on your goals and success. Located in Karachi’s most revenue-generating business area, Shayan Builders are providing you with an opportunity to strengthen your business. 

With Shayan Pacific Trade Towers, you get a comprehensive environment to scale your business, approach clients and customers, and take your business to new heights.

Offers :

Shayan Builders and Developers offer strategically planned areas for official use at the Pacific Trade Towers. Choose an office or a shop as per your requirements. Each office comes with an attached kitchen and washroom to serve your everyday needs. Each office and its additional facilities are a wholesome solution to your official requirements. Shops are no less in providing excellent business opportunities.

Explore all the categories of offices and shops before finalizing the best one for your business.

Interior Design & Payment Schedule


Three shop categories are available on the Pacific Trade Towers’ ground floor and first floor. The ground floor is dedicated to shops while the first floor also has other facilities.


Following are the shop categories available on the ground floor.

● Type G-01:

The G1 arcade offers the most spacious shops at the Pacific Trade Tower. With an arcade area of 1380 square feet, each shop in the arcade is of 17.3 x 83.0 inches. Each shop offers an excellent opportunity to display your products and boost sales. You can also utilize the space to build a showroom to support your business.

● Type G-02:

The G-2 arcade at the Pacific Trade Tower offers mid-sized shops for your growing business. With a total arcade area of 1177.25 square feet, each shop in the arcade is of 17.6 x 69.0 inches. This budget-friendly category offers excellent business opportunities.

● Type G-03:

With an arcade area of 110.0 square feet, each shop in the G-03 category is 1113.75 square feet or 13.9 x 83 inches. These are the most budgeted shops available at the Pacific Trade Tower, but they offer good space to establish any business at the prime location of Clifton block 7.


Following are the shop categories available on the first floor.

● Type A:

The type A shops on the first floor are on top of the G-1 arena on the ground floor. With a total area of 2362.75 square feet, each shop is wide enough to offer ample space for setting a beautiful display and good storage.

● Type B:

The type B shops on the first floor are on top of the G-2 arena on the ground floor. Each shop offers an area of 1177.25 square feet.

● Type C:

The type C shops on the first floor are on top of the G-3 arena on the ground floor. Each shop is 973.50 square feet. These are the smallest shops in the Pacific Trade tower, and only a limited number of shops are available in this category.


All floors of the Pacific Trade Towers have an identical map. A variety of offices of different covered areas with a kitchen and an attached washroom are available for your convenience.


With a gross area of 752.75 square feet, including a service area of 165.00 sq. ft and a net area of 587.75 sq. ft, the type A offices are the most spacious in the Pacific Trade Towers. Each floor has only two type A offices out of 9 offices on each floor.


Between 2 type A offices, 2 type B offices are available on each floor. They offer a gross area of 694.75 square feet with 542.50 sq. ft net and 152.25 sq service area. Each office has an attached washroom and open kitchen to fulfill your daily requirements.


Office numbers 7 and 9 on each floor are type C offices. Each type C office has a net area of 528.75 sq. ft, and a service area of 148.25 sq ft. the gross service area of type C office is 677.00 square ft. Type C offices are an excellent value for money, offering a spacious area with a kitchen and washroom.


Next to the lifts, only one type D office with a gross area of 604.00 sq ft is present on each floor. The net available area in the office is 471.75 sq ft, and the service area is 132.25 sq ft. The type D offices do not have a kitchen.


Four type E offices with a gross area of 430.50 sq ft a net area of 336.25 sq ft, and a service area of 94.25 sq ft are present on each floor. These economical offices offer spacious working area, a kitchen and ,5 x5 ft bathroom.

Other Facilities

Pacific Trade Towers offers a broad spectrum of facilities. Shayan Builders and Developers have exclusively designed it for commercial usage and embellished it with all the facilities an office could require. Considering Karachi’s circumstances, the Pacific Trade Towers has standard-quality facilities to serve your needs.

The Parking Floors And Reserved Parking Facility

Pacific Trade Towers have exclusively planned parking floors to provide space to park your vehicles. Whether you own a bike or a car, you will get reserved space with your office space, so you and your staff don’t have to worry about parking your vehicle in the streets. Each parking floor has a wide driveway so you can move your vehicle and reach your parking space feasibly. The parking floors have access to stairs and lifts.


A total of four lifts are installed in Pacific Trade Towers. Using the most modern technology, each of these lifts can accommodate up to 1000 kg weight or 8-9 people per turn. The lifts are strong enough to carry heavy loads, so no separate cargo lifts are installed in the building. A standby generator supports all lifts to work continuously in case of load shedding or other electrical problems.

Entrance Lobby

From the parking plaza, you enter a welcoming entrance lobby. The intentionally designed entrance lobby utilizes modern interior design techniques to achieve a royal, warm, classy look that reflects professionalism and builds an ever-lasting impression. All visitors to your office pass through the entrance lobby, and after a brief security check, they can get access to your office.

Stand-By Generator 

A powerful standby generator is available to fulfill the energy requirements of the building in case of electricity shortages. Along with the parking areas, entrance lobby, open areas, and lifts, the standby generator provides electricity to all the offices so their work can continue without any disturbances.

Additional Space For AC Outers

Placing AC outers and other power backup machinery etc takes a lot of space and gives a messy look to your entire office. Shayan builders and developers have designed Pacific Trade Towers with great care and aim to provide you with a perfect official space. Each building floor has additional space beside the office to accommodate your extra stuff and give a clear look to your office’s interior.

Open Area

Each building floor has an open area to provide workers with a cozy space to unwind and relax during a break. The place is perfect for celebrating small events, gathering over a cup of tea or coffee, or having lunch together. Visibly small areas can beautifully play a big role in building long-lasting healthy work relationships.


A wide hall of 21.9 x 41.6 inches is available on the first floor to facilitate your gatherings and achievement parties with your business collaborators, employees, and friends. Each hall has all the required facilities and offers an excellent place to cherish your joyous moments together.

Waiting Area 

The first floor has an exclusively designed and updated waiting area to welcome your guests. It is ornated with excellent seating, an air conditioner, and all other facilities to ease your guests before they head up to your office for a meeting or join them in the waiting area. You and your guests will experience a calm and peaceful environment to collaborate for better working relationships.

24 x 7 Security

The Pacific Trade Tower has an excellent security system to ensure the safety of your shops and offices so you do not face any loss due to robbery or terrorist attacks. All the surrounding areas and every corner within the building are under constant surveillance by CCTV cameras. A control room continuously monitors all activities in the lobby or passages and takes prompt action in case of suspicious activities.



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CCTV 24/7

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Jumani Group Of Companies is one of the country’s most trusted and reputable companies offering construction services. Shayan Iconic builders are your trusted builders, with many projects standing tall in the city. Both are collaborating to provide excellent business opportunities in a safe and nourishing environment. Although most of Shayan Iconic Builder’s portfolio is of residential projects, Shayan Builders are committed to providing quality solutions for every problem. After Shayan Iconic Trade Center at Main Shaheed e Millat Road, Pacific Trade Tower is the second official high rise to provide you with exclusive official space at an affordable price. We are an authorized builder, and all our buildings, including Pacific Towers, are affirmed and approved by the local and government-affirming bodies.


Shayan Grand Residency is located at a prime location in Karachi city that forms links with main roads leading to important landmarks of the city. It is located on Main Jinnah Avenue, opposite Malir Cant, with one road going towards University Road and another leading road connects with Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, M-9. Jinnah Avenue makes your commute easy to the airport. University road is a straightforward way to communicate within the city, and the M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad motorway links the city to all the cities in Pakistan.

The location of the Shayan Grand Residency Project is ideal. The atmosphere of the surrounding area is clean and healthy. The locality is safe and secure as it is opposite Malir Cant, the city’s safest zone for fast living. Recently, the area has started developing. The city’s famous eateries, clothing brands, commercial banks have opened their outlets in the vicinity.

Date of Delivery:

The builders announced the Pacific Trade Towers 2 years earlier in 2022. The construction also started in the same year. The development work is in progress at the construction site. As promised, the project will complete by 2026 and handed over to the owners within the mentioned time frame.


Shayan Builders brings you commercial shops and offices at an exclusive location of Clifton block 7 in the best price range to motivate you to achieve your career goals. Initially, you can reserve a shop or office by making a downpayment for your desired category. The total amount is divided into easy monthly installments as per your comfort. You can get the complete payment details by clicking here or visiting our office for complete information. We do not add any extra charges other than those mentioned at the time of reservation.

You can call on the given numbers for further information or schedule a meeting at the on-site office.

Thank you.

Terms & Conditions

  • Documentation Charges for Lease & connections for Gas, Electricity, Water & Sewerage will be charged Extra. As & when demanded by the Company.
  • Token amount validity only remains for 5 days.
  • The allottee shall pay cost of documentation. Utility services, sub-lease charges to the developer promptly on demand.
  • The allottee shall pay all installments on due dates as per ‘Payment Schedule’ All • Installments shall be paid before 10th of each month.
  • Extra charges for corner apartment: Rs. 450,000
  • Extra charges for west open apartment: Rs. 450,000
  • Extra charges for road facing apartment: Rs. 450,004