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Shayan Builders are proud to announce the most luxurious and modern-styled project, “Shayan Iconic Palace.” The project is an idol of excellence among the high-rise in the city. It is illustrative of builders and the amenities a residential project can offer for a comfortable living. Its location further amplifies its importance while enforcing that the builders have the knack to bring a difference in the building and make the building industry difference.

Offers :

In Shayan Iconic Palace, the builders offer three apartments of 6, 5, and 4 rooms from the 3rd to 20th floor. The initial 3 floors and basement are reserved for additional facilities that Shayan builders are offering to their valuable customers. Each apartment is equipped with bedrooms with an attached washroom, lounge, drawing-room, stylish kitchen, and a terrace. The covered area and design of each category are variable. Type “Gold” and “Silver” have additional service of personalized lift that opens into the reserved apartment only.

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Interior Design & Payment Schedule


The type “Diamond” entrance opens into s small lobby and consists of 6 rooms, including 4 bedrooms with attached bath, drawing room, a spacious lounge, and terrace. The kitchen is further enhanced with a separate wash area for further facilitation. All these are beautifully placed in the covered area of 1975.00 square feet.

This apartment is perfect for living in an opulent place.


The type “Gold” is a luxury apartment with a dedicated lift that opens into your apartment. It is a 5 room apartment consisting of 3 bedrooms with an attached bath, a spacious lounge, a drawing room, a store, terrace, and an additional balcony. The kitchen is equipped with an additional wash area that is a big help in maintaining a clean kitchen. All rooms, lounge, drawing room, kitchen, and attached bath are spacious as they are designed using modern-day architectural strategies in a covered area of 1665.00 square feet.

This apartment is a matchless residency for those who want to live in style.


The type “Silver” appears to be a 4 room apartment, but it stands ahead of a typical 4 room because of its exemplary design, spacious covered area, and a dedicated lift that opens in the lounge. The 4 room apartment consists of 2 bedrooms with an attached bathroom, store, a drawing room, a roomy lounge, drawing-room, a terrace, and a balcony. Additional wash along the kitchen is a plus to the amenities in this apartment.

This place is perfect for a small family desiring a life full of luxury and comfort.

Other Facilities

  • The Parking Floors:

Accommodating the automobiles of approximately 300 families required planning and willingness to provide comfort for the people. Shayan builders have sorted this problem beautifully by dedicating the two basements and first floor for reserved parking. You get hold of a personal parking space with the apartment you own.

  • The Basic Facilities:


12 active lifts serve each floor of the Shayan Iconic Palace. They use the most recent innovations in elevator technology in high-quality, so they are super fast yet comfortable. Lifts are backed by a security system and 24-hour stand-by generator, so the residents do not face any hurdle in electricity breakdown.

Standby Generator:

The city faces major electric power issues. Shayan builders offer a solution to every problem our customers may face while living at Shayan Iconic Palace. A high-power standby generator runs the lifts and maintains your household power utilization, eliminating the worries related to power breakdown issues.


Professional security guards secure the entrance and provide a strictly secured closure to the entity. All the floors are secured under CCTV surveillance. All non-residents are first directed toward the reception. Then they are led towards the lifts after confirmation from the residents of Shayan Iconic Palance to ensure the safety of our customers. In this way, Shayan Iconic Palace is the safest residential apartment.

●    The Magnificant 2nd Floor:

Shayan Builders aim to deliver residencies leading to an experience you will cherish forever. The second floor of Shayan Iconic Residency is filled with amusements and some basic needs you miss in the City.

●    Reception and Waiting Area:

Warm reception on the 2nd floor welcomes all to Shayan Iconic Palace. It also accompanies a fully furnished waiting area which can be used for many purposes.

●    Mosque:

A good area is dedicated to mosques to fulfill your religious duties in a peaceful and calm environment. It is an air-conditioned space with a lift that opens into the mosque for the convenience of older people.

●    Community Centre:

A commodious community center is built to celebrate your occasions with zest and zeal. It is a centrally air-conditioned space with direct access to lifts that opens in the community center. It can be reserved for private gatherings.

●    Children’s Play Area:

Children love to play and ride swings, but our city’s dilemma is that it does not have enough good places where they can play safely. Shayan Iconic Palace provides a fully loaded, fun place for them to play and nurture into beautiful adults for society.

●    Gaming Zone:

In today’s world, people are very passionate about trying different games on gaming gear. Shaya Iconic Palace provides a perfect gaming zone equipped with the most recent gaming equipment to enjoy a pulse-raising gaming session.

●    Gym:

The gym is a daily requirement of the modern world. People need to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but it has become necessary due to a sedentary lifestyle. The gym at Shayan Iconic Palace is equipped with many machines for the perfect workout. A fitness coach is available for your assistance during specific times.

●    Dedicated Guest Rooms:

Fully furnished rooms with attached bathrooms are built for your guests. You can reserve the place for your guests to provide them with a home away from home while keeping up your privacy.

●    Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool is an essential facility made available for the residents of Shayan Iconic Palace. The swimming pool is divided into a shallow region for kids and a relatively deep region for adults. It is a perfect place for water fun and swimming. 

●    Common Rooms:

Two sets of standard rooms are located on the 2nd floor. They are equipped with lockers, one reserved for each apartment where you can keep your stuff while you enjoy swimming, sauna bath, jacuzzi, or any other amusement.

●    Sauna Bath:

Shayan Iconic Palace aims to provide a comfortable living experience, and the sauna bath has been known for providing comfort since old times. The place is built with stones to meet the requirements to set up the traditional sauna bath atmosphere where you can come and relax after a long tiring day.

●    Jacuzzi:

Again, another modern-day requirement is placed on the 2nd floor to provide comfort to the residents of Shayan Iconic Palace. Jacuzzi is hydrotherapy utilizing the power of warm water, but it is modernized with powerful jets and massagers to enhance your comfort.

●    Walkway:

A 6 ft walkway is crafted around the swimming pool and cuts the lawn where you can walk around to enjoy evenings in a beautiful place. The surroundings are exemplary beautiful and relaxing, so it makes a perfect place to relax at any time of the day.

●    Jogging Track

Physical fitness is a necessity for a healthy life. The jogging track is built all around the boundary of the 2nd floor, so it is big enough to serve its purpose.



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CCTV 24/7

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Shayan Builders are trusted developers in the city who had been providing their services for more than 20 years in the construction industry. All our projects are legally regulated by provincial and federal laws. Shayan Iconic Residency is also affirmed by the local and government-affirming bodies. (mention names if you want to)


Shayan builders have purposely selected Callachi Cooperative Society Gulshan e Iqbal, Block 10-A, to build Shayan Iconic Palace. This area holds prime importance as it is the center of the new and old areas. It is also in proximity to the city’s best hospitals, educational institutions, and shopping plazas. The neighborhood is calm and secure.

Date of Delivery:

The Shayan Iconic Palace will be open for registration by the mid of 2021, and work will start by the start of 2022. Builders require a span of 4 years to construct the high-rise and furnish it before handing it to the customers. The apartments will be handed over to the owners by mid of 2026.

Booking and Other Details:

Shayan Builders offer the best price range to motivate you to achieve your dream house. You can take a small step by making a downpayment for a reservation. The total amount is broken into easy monthly installments as per your comfort. We believe in presenting complete payment details so the customer can make an informed decision. You will not be charged any extra charges other than those mentioned at the time of reservation.

Booking of Shayan Iconic Palace will start by the mid of December 2021. You can visit our headquarter or site office for the forms and other necessary procedures.

You can call on the given numbers for further information or schedule a meeting at the on-site office.

Terms & Conditions

  • Documentation Charges for Lease & connections for Gas, Electricity, Water & Sewerage will be charged Extra. As & when demanded by the Company.
  • Token amount validity only remains for 5 days.
  • The allottee shall pay cost of documentation. Utility services, sub-lease charges to the developer promptly on demand.
  • The allottee shall pay all installments on due dates as per ‘Payment Schedule’ All • Installments shall be paid before 10th of each month.
  • Extra charges for corner apartment: Rs. 350,000
  • Extra charges for west open apartment: Rs. 350,000
  • Extra charges for road facing apartment: Rs. 350,000