Elegant, Modernistic, and facilitative, the Shayan Iconic Towers are one of their kind commercial high rise to bridge the gap between the number of rising national and international businesses in the city and boost their professional growth and success. Designed by Shayan Builders, the Shayan Iconic Towers welcomes shopkeepers and business owners to open doors for unparallel opportunities. Select from a wide category of offices and commercial shops according to your needs and affordability With the aim of providing one-stop solutions for your business needs. The building is intuitively designed with all the modern facilities and amenities you have been waiting for at a premium price and easy instalments. Build your dream business in an attention-grabbing professional environment at the most important business centre of the city.

With Shayan Iconic Towers, experience an unmatched motivating environment to scale up your business and build opportunities that bring fruitful returns to support your future goals.


At Shayan Iconic Towers, the Shayan builders and developers are providing businesses with a wide array of choices in shops and offices. They differ in the covered area from one another but are similar in many other aspects. Each shop and office is strategically designed to meet your requirements and provide a place where your business can flourish. Loaded with all the basic and modern facilities, the building is a secure place offering peace of mind for every growing business.

Explore all the options of shops and offices available at the Shayan Iconic Towers and choose the one that serves all of your business needs.


On the ground floor of the Shayan Iconic Towers, six shops in 4 different sizes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each shop is road-facing, allowing the business to display its product range to hundreds of probable customers passing through the main Shaheed-e-Millat road, providing excellent business opportunities every day.

  • SHOP 1:

The shop 1 on the ground floor is the most budgeted shop at Shayan Iconic Towers. The total cover area of the arcade is 638.00 sq ft. The shop offers 509.00 sq ft or 16.2 x 31.6-inch space, excluding the arcade.

  • SHOP 2:

Next to shop 1, shop 2 has a covered area of 750.000 sq ft or 13.6 x 31.6 inches, making it a good shop at a budgeted price.

  • SHOP 3:

Covering an area of 1027.00 sq ft or 12.10 x 72.0 inches, including an arcade, the shop offers space of 924.00 sq ft. It is a mid-ranged shop offer ample space to support your growing business.

  • SHOP 4, 5 AND 6:

The three shops have the same space, covering a total area of 1040.00 sq ft or 13.0 x 72.0 inches. These are the largest and most in-demand categories among shops.


Spacious and luxurious offices are available to cater to your growing business with the best of facilities. The Shayan Iconic Towers has broad categories of offices, each covering a different area to meet your needs. Each office has an attached toilet facilitating you and your staff for basic necessities.


Office number 1 on each floor of the Shayan Iconic Towers covers an area of 613.00 Square feet or 14-6 x 33-9 inches. The total area divides into 123.00 sq ft of the service area and an open space of 490.00 sq ft. It is a good enough open area to serve a mid-sized business.


Office number 2 on each floor of the Shayan Iconic Towers covers an area of 549.00 square feet or 13-0 x 33-9 inches. The area divides into an open space of 439.00 sq feet and a service area of 110.00 square feet.


Comprising an area of 675.00 sq feet or 16.0 x 33.9 inches, offices 3 and 4 are of the same dimensions. Each office has a working space of 540.00 sq ft and a service area of 135.00 square feet.


Opposite office number 1, office number 5 covers approximately the same covered area. With a slight difference in dimensions, the total area of office 5 is 621.00 sq ft divided into a workspace of 497.00 sq ft and a service area of 124.00 sq ft. The front-facing and corner office offers a bright and lively environment for work.

  • THE OFFICES 6, 7, 8, AND 9:

The four side-by-side offices on each floor cover the same total space of 13-0 x 34-3 inches or 556.00 sq ft. Each office offers a working space of 445.00 sq ft and a service area of 111.00 sq ft. These four offices on each floor are the best to accommodate the needs of a growing business.

  • THE OFFICES 10 AND 11:

    Offices 10 and 11 lie in front of offices 3 and 4 and offer approximately the same area and facilities. Covering a total area of 685.00 sq ft or 16.0 x 32.3 inches, each office has an open working space of 548.00 sq ft and a service area of 137.00 sq ft. These offices are the most spacious offices available at The Shayan Iconic Towers.

Other Facilities

Besides offering shops and offices, the Shayan Iconic Towers is an icon for providing comprehensive basic and modern facilities. The full range of facilities offers a motivating environment that you need to take your business to new heights.


Considering the busy Shaheed e Millat road and lacking adequate parking facilities, the Shayan Iconic Towers have dedicated three basements and the first two floors for parking vehicles. Collectively, the five parking floors provide ample space for all vehicles. Each parking floor has security cameras and dedicated guards to protect the vehicles while you and your workers focus on work.

  • RAMP :

A ramp facilitates all the vehicles coming to the building towards the parking floors. The ramp has a good slope and is well-constructed, allowing cars and bikes to drive smoothly into the parking slots. An automatic lighting system and appropriate signals guide the vehicles to move conveniently.


A 10-ft wide entrance leads you into the Shayan Iconic Towers. It is a beautifully crafted entrance that securely leads officials and visitors toward the reception, lobby, and waiting area. Security cameras perform strict surveillance of the area to observe who is coming into the building to ensure the security of all offices on the upper floors


The ground floor has a waiting area to accommodate the visitors coming to your offices. The waiting area has all the modern amenities, including comfortable sofas for sitting, a centre table, an air conditioner, and a water dispenser to serve everyone. The waiting area is open for guests during office hours only.


A 6.0 x 9.0 ft well-constructed and exquisitely designed reception welcomes you to the Shayan Iconic Towers. It serves as a defence wall to control who enters the building. The receptionists help visitors by providing office information and navigating them toward lifts or waiting areas as instructed by the office members.


A CCTV control room is located beside the waiting area and security room on the ground floor. It is a spacious 12-2 x 25-0 ft room with screens that display camera recordings from all the floors, including parking from each angle. Active guards keep a strict eye on all the screens to take prompt action in case of any disturbances—the CCTV control room stores all the recordings of the surveillance cameras.


The security room accommodates security guards and related staff. Each office can ring an alarm to the security room in case of the need to call security guards. The room also serves as a headquarter to tackle emergencies such as fire control or access control room. It summons relative help in times of need.


Four 8 x 6 ft toilets are available on the ground floor to serve everyone associated with the Shayan Iconic Towers. Shop owners, workers, security guards, and maintenance staff have access to these toilets. A dedicated cleaning person assures spot cleanliness. The taps have access to 24-hour running water.

  • LIFTS 

To meet the requirements of about 100 offices in a 13-floor highrise, the Shayan Iconic Towers has four convenient high-speed lifts. A standby generator provides power in case of electricity shortage. Each lift can accommodate 1000 kg or 9-10 people per turn. You can also move your furniture and other heavy-weight objects in the lifts, so no building does not have additional cargo lifts.


An extremely powerful standby generator supplies power to the building during load-shedding hours or breakdowns. The generator runs the lifts, cameras, lights and all other amenities, including the air-conditioner in the waiting area. It also provides electricity to the offices, so they do not require a UPS or individual generator to fulfil electricity requirements.


To serve hundreds of people coming to the offices at Shayan Iconic Towers, the builders have intuitively designed a dual staircase to assist in movement. The stairs have dual side support and are made using high-quality floorings to offer a non-slippery surface.


The Shayan Iconic Towers have an in-built fire emergency system to control fire emergencies. The building has a secure fire exit and a fire alarm. Each floor has emergency fire equipment to deal with any accident.


The Shayan Iconic Towers have an open-to-sky area, giving the worker a calm, full-sky view. Office workers can join together for tea or chit-chat during breaks to rewind and relax after a tiring working session.


Each floor has marble-floored broad corridors to allow a smooth passage to people and goods. All corridors are well-lit and have security cameras. They add elegance to the overall look of each food.



Shayan Iconic builders are your trusted builders and hold a diversified portfolio with numerous residential and commercial projects in the city. They aim to provide excellent business opportunities in close proximity to the financial hub of Karachi in a safe and nourishing environment. Although most of Shayan Iconic Builder’s portfolio is of residential projects, Shayan Builders are committed to providing quality solutions for every problem. After Shayan Pacific Trade Tower, the Iconic Trade Center at Main Shaheed e Millat Road is the second official high rise to provide you with facilitative official space at an affordable price. We are a registered builder approved by Karachi Developmental Authorities, and all our buildings, including Shayan Iconic Towers, are affirmed and approved by the local and government-affirming bodies.


The builders announced the project at the beginning of 2021 and started constructing the Shayan Iconic Towers by mid 2021 to empower businesses at the earliest. The 4-year project is under work, and active developmental work is in progress at the construction site. As promised, the project will complete by the end of 2025 and will be handed over to the owners within the mentioned time frame.


The Shayan Builders and developers bring you commercial shops and offices at a prime location on Shaheed-e-Millat road in the best monetary value to motivate you to grow your business and build your future. In the beginning, you can book an office or a shop by depositing a small downpayment for your desired office size or shop. The total amount of each office or shop is different and is divided into easy monthly instalments for your convenience. You will get the complete payment details by clicking here or visiting our office for complete information. We do not add any extra charges other than those mentioned at the time of reservation. Owing to inflation, the company is subjected to raising the developmental charges due to the hiking prices of the materials. All the shops and offices are available first come, first serve.

You can call on the given numbers for further information or schedule a meeting at the on-site office.

Thank you.

Terms & Conditions

  • Documentation Charges for Lease & connections for Gas, Electricity, Water & Sewerage will be charged Extra. As & when demanded by the Company.
  • Token amount validity only remains for 5 days.
  • The allottee shall pay cost of documentation. Utility services, sub-lease charges to the developer promptly on demand.
  • The allottee shall pay all installments on due dates as per ‘Payment Schedule’ All • Installments shall be paid before 10th of each month.
  • Extra charges for corner apartment: Rs. 350,000
  • Extra charges for west open apartment: Rs. 350,000
  • Extra charges for road facing apartment: Rs. 350,000

The Shayan Iconic Towers are located in the Karachi East District, within one of the most in-demand areas of Karachi. The building stands on the main Shaheed e Millat road, with broad roads leading towards Shara-e-Faisal, Defense, and Saddar, the three prime areas for growing businesses. It is located in the nearest vicinity to the city’s most popular market Tariq Road, opposite Karachi’s leading supermarket, and in close proximity to many fine dining restaurants. The area is easy to access from all the far and near areas of the city and is immune to traffic jams because of well-constructed roads, underpasses, and flyovers to navigate the traffic. For your ease, the area is easy to commute to and accessible via public transport as well.